AtaInsurance offers services to its customers according to its internal procedures which are totally in compliance with ISO 9001-2015 international quality standards. At the same time procedures are various depending on the type and class of insurance product. The customer directly contacts Company and gives the necessary information about the risk if the insurance type does not require the filling in of different questionnaires and forms. Insurance policy will be immediately concluded and delivered to the customer. Travel insurance and compulsory insurance of motor owner’s liability are these types of insurance products.


If the insurance types require special forms (questionnaires) which should be filled in then this form is send to the customer and after filling in by the customer send back to the underwriting department the employees of which assess the risk and prepare the offer. The contacts and agreement on the offer with the customer is done by the employees of sales division of Insurance services department. Mostly the elaboration of offers for the complex insurance products requires the preliminary agreement with the reinsurer. This function is implemented by the employees of reinsurance division of underwriting department. Customer service policy is totally oriented on offering such optimal insurance products which implies all the needs of corporate as well as individual customers and maximum satisfy their wishes.