What is Insurance?

Insurance is a risk transferring and risk sharing mechanism. Insurance is a way that provides persons who underwent damage to return on the former financial position.

What is an insurance contract?

The insurance contract is a reached agreement between the insurer and the insured. In this agreement, the insurer assumes payment at emergence of insurance indemnification, and the insured the insurance payment.

What is an insurance payment?

Insurance payment is the amount of money paid by you to an insurance company at the time and in the manner provided by your insurance contract.

Who is insurer?

The insurer – is an insurance company realizing insurance activity.

Who is insured?

The insured, the person who on the basis of the contract of insurance insures his life, health, responsibility and property for a certain sum (insurance payment).

What is the franchise and how it influences to the insurance payment?

The franchise is a part of the caused damage which isn't provided by your insurance and is paid by you in case of insurance event. Often you face small damages with which you will be able to understand. For such cases in the contract of insurance the franchise sum is provided. The insurer pays other part of an amount of damage caused as a result of insured event, after franchise calculation.

What risks covers vehicle insurance?

You can choose from offered three or all three types of insurance when you insure the car:

  1. Car insurance - payment (A road accident, a fire, explosion, deliberate actions of the third parties, thefts, etc.) compensations of the damage caused to your car.
  2. Payments of compensation of the damage caused to health of yours and the passengers who were in the car.
  3. Insurance of your responsibility - Payment by the insurer of compensation of the damage caused to people around by your mistake.

How the car price being defined when I insure it?

During the insurance process, the market price of your car undertakes a basis.

For what term the contract of insurance of cars is signed?

Usually the contract of insurance is signed for a period of 1 year.

May I carry out insurance for the car which I drive on the basis of the power of attorney?

Yes, you can get insured the car which you drive on the basis of the power of attorney.