Reinsurance assists insurance sector by covering biggest and most complicated insurance risks.  AtaInsurance benefits from the capital relief that reinsurance provides and from reinsurers' product development skills and risk expertise. As such reinsurance is an indispensable part of the insurance system that makes insurance more secure and less expensive. This is ultimately for the benefit of insurers who get more protection at a lower cost.


The amount of risks which AtaInsurance reinsures depends on its business model, capital solvency, risk and existing market conditions. Reinsurance provides the Company with benefits such as reduced volatility of underwriting results capital relief and flexible financing access to reinsurers' expertise and services especially in the fields of product development, pricing and underwriting and claims management.


By strengthening activities of the Company reinsurance helps the Company to protect its assets from unexpected losses, better understand the accepted risks and clearly assess it. Finally, by reducing the possibility of accidents which could lower capital it makes the result of activities of the Company stable.


Reinsurance partners of AtaInsurance are Munich Re, Swiss Re, SCOR, Hannover Re, Polish Re, INGOSSTRAKH and different Lloyd’s syndicates.