Very fast pace of modern life, emotional stress, lack of time - all these shows themselves on the roads in an extremely negative way by car accidents and etc. In the modern realities no driver can be sure of the safety of his car. Even the most experienced driver on basis of his own experience knows that the most of the time we are not in a position to prevent accidents. Only vehicle certificate of insurance can help us to get rid of many issues arose by traffic accidents, hijack, theft, fire, explosion, intentional damage.

By getting comprehensive vehicle insurance certificate from AtaInsurance, you provide yourself with the following:

  • The legal, organizational, financial support and escort at the time of the insurance event;
  • Incessant assistant service with the ability of accident commissar to go anywhere at any time of the day
  • Free evacuation of your vehicle from the accident point;
  • After the accident, guaranteed repair of your vehicle in high quality service in a short time by our company;
  • Return of the funds in case of theft or falling as a result of insurance accident;
  • Freedom in the choice of the form of insurance payments - car repair in auto service or receipt of cash payment.

In addition, with a small additional fee you get options of liability insurance and personal accident insurance and you are exempted from the obligation to pay damages to the injured party (if you are considered to be the cause of traffic accidents) – as such, it is provided by our company, as well as the provision of health care costs is paid to you at the time of injury and lump-sum payments are carried out in the conditions of losing the ability to work.

As additional services we offer to provide you with a temporary car while your vehicle is being repaired, as well as the possibility of paying the insurance payment in installments.

For VIP clients, it is intended specialists to go to the customer's address or to the office as individual insurance adviser, for contracting and other changes.

We offer to our clients FREE consulting services for insurance issues, maintenance costs and insurance law expertise.

Vehicle insurance in AtaInsurance – is the guarantee of your comfort on the roads!