Third-party liability insurance:

This insurance protect s different groups and group members, and administrative staff from third-party claims in some cases. Health and property damage caused by insured himself is not covered by this insurance provision.  Any damage caused by insured to someone else is covered.

Third party liability insurance includes civil liability, product liability and professional liability insurance arising out of activities. Your business needs in civil and product liability insurance when it is in contact with the community.
The product liability insurance is legal liability insurance for damage that occurred because of the defective product provided under a contract.

Companies that provide other institutions and public with software and spare parts for the equipment companies are the risk bearer for the damages may be caused by products sold by them.

Usually, the product manufacturers are responsible for the problems arising from the product, but the supplier may be liable if the manufacturer ceases its operating.

Arising from professional occupation liability insurance is the liability insurance of the professional advice and services.

For service sector operating companies it is more appropriate to get professional liability insurance arising from activity providers. This warranty protects insured from legal liability arising from the loss of clients in case of bad or indifferent services.

The insurance payment is determined on the basis of the information submitted in a proposal form. The insurance fee can be from 0.6% up to 1% of all institution turnovers. 

Employer's Liability Insurance:

The object of insurance – the legal responsibility of commitment of compensating employees for damage to their health and suffered bodily injury at normal course of work.

Liability limit (insurance sum) determined when the parties conclude an insurance contract.  Insurance compensation are paid to injured workers or to their legal heirs.
The amount of the insurance payment for damage to the health of workers is calculated separately for each person on the employer's liability after deducts of franchise and social security costs.

Employer's liability insurance guarantees the following:  

The workers may be exposed to the risks as injury, poisoning, sunstroke, burns, freezing, suffocation in water, lightning struck or being under the influence of an electric current, falling from a height, being attacked by animals (bite, sting, etc.), intentional execution are:

  • staff working under an employment contract;
  • individuals working under civil law;
  • a training person.

Insurance coverage shall apply to the following cases:

  • Employer's working time including the breaks (lunch time);
  • At the time of the service visits on behalf of the employer in the areas of insurance;
  • While in public transport or walking during working hours and job responsibilities;
  • In the own passenger car with employer's permission for use on work purposes.

The insurance payment is determined on the basis of the information submitted in the form of proposal. Insurance payment can range from 2% up to 4% of the annual gross salary fund which is the basis for the calculation of insurance payments.